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destroy this new idea that a woman can’t be strong if she cries over a man she’s lost. destroy the idea that you have to be cold and emotionally detached in order to be a strong woman

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As a Tibetan raised in a Buddhist family, I literally so sick of shit like this. White people love to appropriate eastern cultures and religion, Buddhism has literally been the “chill, laid back”, go to faith/philosophy for a lot of people white people who don’t think their own family faith is chill enough. It’s like a phase y’all go through or something like, “don’t wanna think or really get to know any one religion? just fall back to these super ambiguous buddha quotes that make you feel like you can do whatever!”.  
I am sick of seeing Buddhism made into caricatures and summarized into shitty quotes like this. Stop disrespecting Buddhism, stop generalizing it as something it’s not. It’s intricate, it asks you to think critically, it asks for A LOT OF THINGS, it’s not simply being “chill”. I am used to seeing white people not really give a shit about their ancestral faith, the amount of memes and cartoons I see disrespecting Jesus, Christianity, etc. (as jokes or whatever), it’s honestly appalling but idc that’s your guys’s own deal if you are comfortable with that. But not with mine, Buddhism is not your fallback conduct code when you see other faiths as too restrictive or requiring actual strict rules and taboos (that you cannot abide by). 
Just because Buddhists are not the most violent or headline making group of folks doesn’t mean you can constantly use the faith to produce caricatures in the media and other outlets. It’s not your trendy phase, it’s a very big holy part of many people’s lives. Culturally, I (maybe it’s just me but) find it offensive and I’m always shocked at the lack of social etiquette people have when it comes to the religion and philosophy that my people have followed for centuries. Have some respect and appreciate it for it’s actuality without stomping all over it for the sake of your oversimplification, comfort, and convenience. And don’t get me started on tattoos. 

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